NZABA 2013 will be held at The University of Auckland from Friday 30 August to Sunday 1 September.

We will put out a call for papers in a few months’ time.



The NZ Behaviour Analysis community is greatly saddened by the recent death of Tamar Murachver, peacefully after a period of illness.  Tamar, herself a fine researcher and teacher of Psychology, was the wife of our close friend and colleague Brent Alsop (University of Otago).  Tamar was a warm and gracious friend to Brent’s colleagues in behaviour analysis, and we will miss her very much.  Our sympathies go to Brent, and to their family Natasha, Neil, Jessica and David.

 In lieu of flowers, the family have requested for donations to be made to the Neurological Foundation Chair in Neurosurgery:


New Zealand Association for Behaviour Analysis

Annual General Meeting 2012

 Held Saturday 2nd September, 2012

at Victoria University of Wellington

NZABA Conference 2013

The NZABA Conference for 2013 will be hosted by the University of Auckland. It may be necessary to move the conference from August/September to July as holidays won’t be overlapping next year for some universities. It was also decided in advance that the 2014 NZABA conference will be hosted by the University of Otago.

There was some discussion about whether the 2013 NZABA conference could be held in conjunction with (merged or alongside) the Australasian Annual Behaviour Society conference. Conference fees for the Animal Behaviour are likely to be quite high however, especially for students.

Action needed: Doug to investigate the feasibility of this conjunction.

International Conference Bid

Maree Hunt was approached by Auckland Conventions (a management company) regarding whether we would be interested in hosting an ABAI International conference in Auckland. NZABA members present at the AGM all agreed that this would be a large amount of work and that we will not put a bid in to host an international ABAI conference.

Action needed: Maree to email Auckland Conventions to let them know the outcome of our decision.

Pre-paying for NZABA Conferences

The conference organising committee this year were approached on a few occasions for invoices for the NZABA conference registration fee, as employers wanted to pay for this in advance. A discussion about credit card and online banking/direct credit payments followed, with direct credits being the preferred option. Any direct credits that are received should be clearly marked with the name of the conference attendee and the organisation.

Action needed: Doug is to investigate electronic payment options.

Financial Report

Douglas Elliffe reports that as of 30-08-2012, NZABA have $4912.61 in the bank, with more to be deposited after 2012 conference expenses are taken care of.

Student Conference Travel Support

All agreed that NZABA should provide financial support for students who have paid for travel to conference out of their own pockets.

Action needed: Celia to email supervisors of presenting students requesting names of students who qualify for travel support.

 ISSN Numbers:

Lewis Bizo suggested getting an ISSN number for our conference programme for PBRF purposes.

Action needed: Lewis to investigate this.


NZABA Committee Members 2012-2013

Dr Christopher Podlesnik (Auckland) was elected as the next Chair of NZABA.

Dr Douglas Elliffe (Auckland) remains as Treasurer (for his final term). A vote of thanks was given to Doug for being the Treasurer for so long!

Dr Celia Lie (Otago) remains as Secretary.

Meeting ended 4:50pm.


The conference was very well attended with over 60 in attendance each day. There were 34 presentations and 9 poster presentations. The standard of both talks and posters was excellent, as was the discussion of talks during the question and answer sessions following each. The conference also included social drinks and nibbles on Friday night, and a dinner on Saturday night; both occasions afforded attendees the opportunity to meet each other and form research and professional connections.

NZABA was happy to host behaviour analytic practitioners in increased numbers this year- including some attending from overseas. NZABA was happy to be able to offer Continuing Education Units to practitioners in applied behaviour analysis again in 2012. CEUs were ably administered by Oliver Mudford and Rebecca Sharp.

The number of high-quality student presentations has historically been a feature of NZABA, and this tradition was continued this year. Three prizes for outstanding student presentations were awarded (in no particular order) to: Sarah Cowie of Auckland for her presentation entitled: “Simplifying the contingency: reminder stimuli enhance control by local food ratios”, to Gordon Tan of Victoria for his presentation entitled “The effect of relational training on slot machine play: Walking the walk as opposed to just talking the talk”, and to Rebecca Sharp of Auckland for her talk entitled “How representativeness is affected by temporal dimensions of responding”. Typically only two student prizes have been awarded, and the fact that a third was necessary this year is indicative of the year-by-year improvement in the quality of students’ presentations that has occurred over NZABA’s nine-year history.

James McEwan was awarded the “bullroarer” (a replacement for the hatchet) for achievements in unsubtle chairing, and Dave Harper won the spear for his industrious use of all the time available to him to revise his talk. Everyone in attendance also deserves prizes for successfully negotiating the construction work on the Victoria University campus and locating each of the venues in which portions of the conference were held – the organizing committee was appreciative to everyone’s patience in that regard.

Anne Macaskill (VUW organising committee)


You can download the final programme for the 2012 NZABA Conferencer [HERE]. Printed out copies will also be available at the venue.

If you are arriving on Friday night, please join us from 6pm Milk and Honey on the Victoria University campus (we will be there until 8ish). If you arrive on Saturday, registration will begin at 8am at Hugh Mackenzie 002. There is a map in the attached programme with the conference locations indicated, and a complete campus map can also be found here:

There is lots of construction underway at Victoria at the moment and so it can be a little bit tricky to navigate around campus. Look for the NZABA signs to direct you and if you have any problems finding any of the conference locations, you can call/text Maree (027 242 0208) or Lincoln (021 403 126).

Please email Anne Macaskill ( for more information.


A draft programme of the 2012 NZABA Conference can be downloaded from here: [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD] (.pdf file)

If you are presenting, please check the draft programme and email Anne Macaskill ( if you spot any errors or need any changes to be made.

A few other points from the organisers:

1. Abstracts are due on the 17th of August. Thank you very much to everyone who has sent in their abstract already.

2. If you do not plan to present, although you are always welcome to register on the day of the conference, it would be helpful to us if you could let us know that you plan to attend.

3. Please can anyone, whether they are presenting or not, who has not told us whether they are coming to the dinner please let us know whether they are intending to come so we can plan for numbers. It is on the Saturday night and is $30.

Please email Maree Hunt ( or Anne Macaskill ( about any of the above.


The 2012 New Zealand Association for Behaviour Analysis Conference will be hosted by Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, NZ, on the Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd September, with registration and a social event on the late afternoon/evening of Friday 31st August.

The call for submissions is now out. Please send your proposals to Maree Hunt ( Please include in your submission:

  • Title
  • Authors (including affiliations)
  • Abstract
  • Whether you are submitting a poster or talk
  • Indication of intention to attend the conference dinner on Saturday night

The deadline for indications/titles is the 20th July. Abstracts are due by the 17th August, but earlier indications and abstracts are appreciated.

For further information, please contact Maree Hunt (