New Zealand Association for Behaviour Analysis Annual General Meeting

 Saturday 31st August, University of Auckland

 NZABA 2014

As per last year’s decision, the 2014 conference will be hosted by the University of Otago in Dunedin.

Committee Roles

Celia Lie (Otago) to be the next Chair/President, taking over from Chris Podlesnik (Auckland).

Anne Macaskill (VUW) to be Secretary, taking over from Celia Lie (Otago).

Brent Alsop (Otago) nominated to take over the Treasurer’s role from Doug Elliffe (Auckland).

Action: Celia to check with Brent if he is willing to be Treasurer.

Treasurer’s Report

Doug Elliffe (Auckland) reports that we had around $7200 in the NZABA account prior to the conference.

The current account with ANZ cannot be closed down without Nathalie Boutros’s signature (location currently unknown). One solution is to set up a new account, then withdraw all the money from the current account to place into a new account. The new account needs to be set up for a non-profit organisation, and preferably requiring only one signature for such activities as writing out cheques and closing the account down.

Action: Celia/Brent/Doug to organise this after all expenses for NZABA 2013 are taken care of.

Other Costs

Annual costs of renewal for the NZABA website (around $15). Doug has been paying this out of his own pocket.

Action: James McEwen volunteered to pay for the next year.

BACB fee for CE credits also needs to be paid once a year (around $150).

Action: New Treasurer to arrange to cheque to be sent.

Code of Ethics

Following an email to Chris earlier in the year regarding whether NZABA has a code of ethics, a brief discussion took place about whether we needed one. It was agreed that the code for ABAI would suffice, and that the NZ Psychological Board’s ethics code also covers research. No Code of Ethics would be adopted by NZABA specifically.

Student Travel Fund & Prizes

Because NZABA is in a good financial situation at the moment, it was suggested that we use some of this money to pay for student travel.

Doug also suggested that the student prizes be raised slightly (since they have been $100 for a long time and haven’t been adjusted for inflation). All in favour.

Action: Doug to email one person per University to see whether students have paid money out of their own pocket for travel expenses.

Action: Doug to send out cheques student prizes to the winners.

Thank You

Thanks to the University of Auckland Psychology Department for paying for most of the costs of the conference.

Thanks to Doug Elliffe for holding the Treasurer’s role for a number of years.

Thanks to Celia Lie for holding the Secretary’s role for a number of years.

Thanks to Chris Podlesnik for being the Chairperson for the past year.

Thanks to the organising team of NZABA 2013 for a well-run (and very well-attended) conference.

Meeting closed at 5:50pm.