Message from Celia Lie:

I hope everyone who travelled to Christchurch made it safely back to their respective corners of the country, and that those who are are in Christchurch aren’t too badly affected.

Mary Foster has suggested that we make the presentations available on the NZABA website, which will be quite handy given the “issues” we had this weekend at the conference. I have started a page for these here:

If you were a presenter (poster or paper), and are happy to have your presentation published on the NZABA website, please email your presentation through to me (, preferably in .PDF format (but .ppt or .pptx format OK – I will convert them myself, although there is no guarantee that the fonts/placement of figures, etc, will be the same). I will put a page on the NZABA website where these can be downloaded.

If you have any conference photos you would like to share, please email them through to me also.