TAGteach International travels around the world presenting workshops and symposia including 5 ABA International Annual Conventions, the US National Behavioral Safety Conference, the International Society for Behaviorology, and now we are coming to you, September 18-19, 2010 in Christchurch, New Zealand. (Although TAGteach International does offer an online course; certification is available exclusively through live seminars.)

TAGteach has recently been cited in several books including Dr. Julie Vargas (nee Skinner) new text book, Behavioral Analysis for Effective Teaching. Dr. Vargas introduces TAGteach within the first 10 pages of her book and brings back the methodology again and again,. “It’s amazing that it took until the turn of the twenty-first century for someone to use a specialized conditioned reinforce for gymnastics, speech therapy, and for simple academic skills.”

Well it may have taken a while but we have done it and the methodology is spreading rapidly, not just geographically but across professions including behavior analysis, sports, business management, and education.

Day 1: An introduction to TAGteach including lecture, power point, videos, games, and interactive exercises.
Day 2: The second day is a chance to delve into the methodology in a more personal way with practicals that speak to each attendee’s individual applications and needs.

I hope that the behavior analysis community in the New Zealand area will be able to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Thank-you and for more information please contact info@tagteach.com

“The seminar was put together in a learner friendly manner, using a wide variety of proven teaching methods. I was impressed by the reaction of my employees: engaged in learning, focused, and enthusiastic about the method.”
– Jane Winter-Clark, Director of Special Education Peoria County

Registration Fees:
The standard registration fee is US $425.00.
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Before May 1 USD $350.00 Use code: May $75.00 Discount!
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