Dear NZABA list and contacts,

A great new opportunity has arisen for some! Jerry Shook (CEO of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc) has agreed to an alternative and temporary option for New Zealanders to apply for eligibility to sit the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination. Full details and an application form are posted on the NZABA website (, but here is the essence of the option.


1. DEGREE: The applicant must have a doctoral degree, or Masters degree plus post-Masters professional diploma, conferred at least five (5) years prior to applying. The field of study must be behavior analysis, psychology, education or another related field (degrees in related fields are subject to BACB approval).

2. BCBA REVIEW: The applicant must have at least five (5) years post-doctoral or post-Masters professional diploma experience in behavior analysis. Experience must be verified independently by three Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who complete Attachment 2C forms documenting the experience, and be supported by information provided on the applicant´s CV (curriculum vitae). If the applicant does not have access to three BCBAs, they may submit their CV and three Attachment 2C forms to a subcommittee of the New Zealand Association for Behavior Analysis (NZABA) for review. Three BCBAs on that sub-committee will review the applicant´s experience and submit Attachment 2C forms to the BACB.

This option expires on December 31, 2010.

The option is to allow competent, experienced and educationally qualified behaviour analysts who completed their postgraduate studies before there were sufficient courses available at NZ universities to complete the BACB´s “225 class contact hours in ABA” requirement. There are three other options for eligibility published on the BACB website (
Coursework; College Teaching; and Doctorate/BCBA review. You should check whether you are eligible under any of these before applying for the NEW ZEALAND ALTERNATE PATHWAY.

The constitution and procedures of the NZABA subcommittee mentioned will be discussed at our annual meeting (26/27 August 2008).

I would like to acknowledge the work that Neville Blampied and Mary Foster put in to developing this. We started work on this after the 2006 NZABA conference. We all owe many thanks to Jerry Shook and the BACB Board of Directors for their major roles in producing the final version of the option for NZABA.

So, now all we need is more internationally certificated behaviour analysts in New Zealand. Go for it!

Oliver Mudford, PhD, BCBA
Director, Applied Behaviour Analysis Programme
Department of Psychology (Tamaki Campus)
University of Auckland, PB 92019 Auckland

+64 (0)9 373 7599ext 82319