Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is your Second Call For NZABA abstracts. Please have them to me by July 31st.

NZABA will be held at the University of Otago on 26-28. Note that the only thing planned for the 26th is registration and a social event in the evening. For those who are being funded by institutions that give you either the night before a conference or the night after this should help. Papers should start at 9am on the 27th and finish by 4pm on the 28th so that people can catch flights if need be.

Cost will be free to students – those of us with salaries will be asked for around $125. If anything is left over after expenses it will go to students attending from the North Island.

Chair (Table? Ottoman) NZABA

Dr. Louis S. Leland, Jr.
Department of Psychology
University of Otago
Box 56, Dunedin 9054
New Zealand

I have been asked to pass on the following message:

I am writing on behalf of ABA WAIKATO. Generally, our current members are two BCBAs, four registered psychologists who have completed ABA internships either at Auckland or Waikato, three members who are currently completing internships (two at Waikato (ABA) and one at Massey), and seven members who are currently completing Masters degrees in behaviour analysis (either animal or applied). We are a group that meets each month.

We are currently establishing a NZ website for consumers, professionals and students on ABA. Its purpose is to provide information on ABA, and to promote ABA in NZ. We are in the initial planning stage.

Any ideas from members of the NZABA are welcome. Please email ideas to adekker@wave.co.nz. They will be presented at our next meeting on Tuesday, 5 August 2008.

Thank you

Anna Dekker